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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Accidentally in Love

While writing this morning I came to two realizations. The first is that I finally have a clear image of my female character. I had no problem coming up with images for my male character(s) but I had a really hard time with my female. My story is written in 1st person since it is really her story to tell but I couldn't see who she was. I imagined her looking in the mirror and I didn't see details. I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't put the necessary detail into my book because I didn't know it. And then last night I had a dream. I knew my character. I knew what she looked like, how she acted, and even that her name was wrong! I woke up stunned. I loved her original name but then I knew that it wasn't her name. You know when you have kids and you just know their name? That is how I felt when I woke up. I had to jot it down because I was afraid I would forget by the time I could get to my computer. I am so happy now that I have clear direction. By the way, she is a little like Emma Stone and it has nothing at all to do with the fact that I have a little bit of a girl crush on Emma Stone.

My second realization was that my character was slowly falling in love with the wrong guy! It just happened and it started freaking me out. And then I took some advice that I learned at LDStorymakers Conference and I asked myself, "what if...?" I realized that I am okay with her falling in love with the wrong guy. It works. It is who she belongs with and it makes her story more deep and true. I feel like I have leaped over two giant hurdles and I can move on with her story.

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