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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Insomnia = Hilarious Brilliance

I have quite the dilemma. I don't sleep. Well, it's not that I don't ever sleep, I just rarely sleep. When I do sleep it is typically not for more than 4 hours in a row. When I can't sleep I love to write. I feel the most productive when I write late at night/early in the morning. That is the time when my brain seems to be the most full of ideas. Brilliant and hilarious ideas. Ideas that make me believe that I am the funniest person on the planet! When I get to that point my husband usually tries to avoid me because I laugh at my own jokes so hard that I nearly wet my pants.

Now here is the dilemma. I work on my book when I'm not able to sleep. During those moments I think that I am writing a brilliant, intelligent, witty piece of work. I am amazed at my skill. I believe there is no way in the world that I will not become a world-famous author winning a multitude of literary awards. Then I sleep. Then I read what I wrote when I hadn't slept in 36 hours and I tell you, it is not good. In fact, there are times when I don't have any idea what anything means. So I have to rewrite it all. The advantage is that sometimes there are some basic ideas that about and I am able to improve them during my well-rested writing times.

So, do I keep writing at 3am or do I just write down my basic ideas that come to me at 3am?

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