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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Life's Playlist

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A fun activity that my brother and I (and my sister this last weekend) have participated in lately is sitting around on a lazy Sunday afternoon playing music from our playlists while the other guesses the song/artist. Our fun scale is seemingly very low. However, this activity got me thinking. Music is HUGE in my life. I have songs that make me think of my husband because they suck but he loves them. I have songs that make me miss my husband because they remind me of love. I have songs that remind me of growing up. I listen to music to clean. I listen to music to exercise. I listen to music to relax. I listen to music to fire me up for a tough day. In fact, I can't do many things without music (i.e. cleaning or exercising). As I go through the day and things happen to me I think of songs that would fit the situation. I make up songs to sing to my kids all the time and about everything. In fact, they hate when I start singing because it is usually several minutes (okay, hours) before I stop singing. When I read books I either listen to music or I think of songs that fit the book throughout reading.

So I found it quite interesting when I realized that I wasn't listening to music when writing. While playing the above game with my brother I started hearing songs in my playlist that fit my book and the emotions I want to convey so well. I decided to start listening to music while writing. It made me very nervous because I thought I might get carried away in the songs and forget that I was supposed to be writing and not singing. What I discovered was music works for my writing like it does everything else in my life. It makes me more productive. I enjoy my time. I am able to write for a longer period of time. I am really loving adding music to this part of my life.

I know that not everyone can listen to music when they write. Do you listen to music when you write? Is it just instrumental? I'm very curious to know what others are doing. 


  1. I don't listen to music while I write because it too easily distracts me. But maybe I need to try and choose songs that would fit the part of the story I'm trying to write.

  2. Almost always. Somehow it makes me focus where silence leads to a lot of mind wandering. It does have to be kind of mellow music though.

    1. You, my friend, just hit the nail on the head. I need music to focus my brain. I can't focus my brain on my own. Mind wandering is my best skill. I think if I had to name a talent I have, mind wandering would be at the top of my list. As you may have guessed, I wrote this response without the help of music. :)