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Friday, June 22, 2012

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy?

Oh, summertime. How you have destroyed all writing motivation. You bring promises of lazy days sitting in a hammock writing and instead you fill my days with motherly demands (do I really need to feed those kids every day?) and decent person-ly demands. You give me a house that does not clean itself, laundry that piles up even though I tell it not to, food that begs to be made (and eaten), a husband whose R&R (rest and relaxation - basically he gets to come home for 2 weeks during his deployment) schedule seems to be changing by the minute, and exercise that requires more willpower than I possess.

So, what have I done instead of writing?
  • Spent some time with my kids (why can I not think of a specific event)
  • Spent some time with my family
  • Rearranged my living room
  • Bought a new laptop so that I can write more (because it is all my laptop's fault that I'm not currently writing) and so I don't have to share with my kids
  • Slept a lot
  • Read a lot
  • Swore a lot when I needed to cut something and EVERY pair of scissors I own was stuck together with freezer pop juice
  • Slept some more
  • Read some more
  • Celebrated my son's 13th birthday (and felt so very old)
Now I am writing. I am making my goal public. I am going to work on my WIP a minimum of 30 minutes every day (ideally one to two hours). Thirty total minutes, not necessarily consecutive, but for sure completely focused.

How do you keep your motivation up during the summer when playing sounds so fun?

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  1. I'm no help. My kids are only 2 and 3 so so far summer is the same as winter. Just much more hot. All those things are important, though. When you're 85 you'll look back at these summer days and remember your kids and the fun you had. Good luck on the writing. I loved the part about all your scissors being stuck together with freezer pop juice.