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Monday, July 30, 2012

I Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

So, I said goodbye to my husband again and now I have time to say hello to all of you. We had a good time while he was home but I am exhausted! I'm going to tell you all a secret. Lean in closer. R&R sucks.  Shh. Don't tell anyone. It was great to see my husband but let me explain what I mean.

You know how when you are dating somebody and you are putting your best foot forward whenever you are around them so that they think you are awesome? Then you get married and you stop doing that (but in my case I am still pretty awesome). Well, R&R is pretty much a two week dating period but now you have real life thrown in. You have kids and bills and houses and cars and dogs and all that other stuff to worry about. I try to be nice and give him the attention he deserves but I still have to take care of a house and make his favorite meals and run errands and take care of the kids and all that jazz. And I felt guilty if I even looked at my computer, let alone actually wrote. And then for the first week he is adjusting to the time zone (that equals sleeping all day) and the second week everybody is just so darn sad because you know that you only have a week left. Then they leave again and you have to go through the whole process of adjusting to them being gone again.

Anyway, he has been gone for a few days and we are adjusting again. There have been a lot of tears shed but overall we are all surviving. We are two-thirds of the way to the finish line and we can do it. And now that I haven't really worked on my WIP in almost a month I am super motivated and ready to get to it. I am also going to take advantage of some of these emotions to help me write some of the more complicated emotions in my story. And my next post won't be nearly as whiny.

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  1. Not whiny at all! Hard truths, my friend. I'm sorry he's gone. But glad you have something to throw yourself in to.