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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Ramblings

I am super tired. I didn't sleep at all last night and it is now 1:30am tonight so excuse anything that may not make sense (which will likely be this whole post). I'm also going to bullet point this because I'm too tired to form paragraphs and my thoughts are not cohesive at all.

  • I was watching the Olympics (shocking, I know) and became fascinated by rhythmic gymnastics. It is kind of crazy cool. I know I couldn't do it because I don't even get it. However, I was thinking while watching it how many people do you think got the tickets not knowing what rhythmic gymnastics really is? Like they just saw gymnastics and were all excited about what great seats they got. And then they showed up and saw what was happening and they were like, "what the...?"
  • The decathlon is insane. As if mastering one event isn't hard enough these people decide they need to master 10 different events. They all looked so tired by the final event.
  • I don't think Ina Garten and I would get along in real life. Her food looks amazing but she seems sort of pretentious. I don't think she would appreciate how often I serve our meals out of the pots I cooked them in (and often still on the stove). I also don't think she would appreciate how often our meals include the words "Mac 'n" in the title. 
  • I saw a commercial for Arctic Circle stating that it is "huckleberry days" or month or something. They had all kinds of huckleberry stuff including a shake. What is a huckleberry? What does it taste like? Anyone?
  • I like milk shakes a lot and now I want one. I haven't been feeling well and when I don't feel well I eat crappy food. I love junk food when I am sick. And milk shakes are great because I don't even have to chew them.
Most important thought - I am super excited for my first year attending WriteOnCon.com. What a great idea - a writing conference you can attend from home. Check it out by following the link or clicking the widget over there -->.

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