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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Belated Captcha Craptcha Day!

A while back I read about Shelly's hate of the dreaded captcha. You know, those annoying little "words" to prove you are a human on websites? Yeah, those. I hate them too so I knew I had to be involved in her blog hop. However, I did not count on how busy I would actually be this week so I didn't get around to posting in time. But I am here now. If you want information about how to remove captcha from your blog visit Shelly here.

So, my husband got back from a year-long deployment 11 days ago. I left the kids with my parents and came down to meet him. At first it seemed like it would be really fun, kind of like a second honeymoon. Well, we were partly right. It has been fun. But I miss my kids and my husband still has to work and we have been running errands like crazy. I'm still just so glad he is back. Now I just can't wait until we are all together again under the same roof.

Part of what we have had to do is deal with this:

When a soldier arrives at a new duty station the Army issues a bunch of crap to them. Then when it is time to leave they have to find all that crap and turn it back in. So we have been going through bags and digging through our storage unit to find all the missing pieces. We have found most but we are still missing a few items (among them a pair of cold weather pants worth $350 - yowzer). The best thing about all these items is that they use their own kind of captcha system. They call these things horribly odd names with item numbers that don't make sense. So we get a 4-page list of items with odd names and item numbers and then we need to find all that stuff. Well the items aren't always marked and if they are they aren't marked the same as on the list. And then we have to clean it. And then we have to go stand in line for hours to turn it in (well he goes and stands in line for hours while I read and nap in the car).  It is fun stuff. And it has taken many days. And I'm sick of it. But we are almost done and then things will be better and I will have time to write and blog again.
Until then, just say no to the captcha.


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  1. I'm so glad he came home safe! Hope you find everything!