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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It has been a while since I have been here. What has happened in the last two months? Well, we spent a month and half in Utah before moving and we are currently living in a house full of boxes that need attention from me. I hate unpacking even more than I hate packing. I am too much of a perfectionist and I spend too much time thinking about the exact placement of everything I own. So it takes a while to get settled. Plus my husband was home from November 3 until January 15. He has never taken more than two weeks off of work. To say that this was a little too much together time would be an understatement. I love that guy but I need my space, my quiet, and my writing time.

What's in store for 2013 around here? Well, my goal is to write a blog post every Tuesday. We will see how long that lasts. Also, that women's fiction I have been working on? I need a break from it for a little bit. Instead I'm going to be working on a middle grade fantasy. This is a book I feel like I need to write for my kids and so it is more of a priority. It is the one that is haunting me at night and calling to me all the time! I may peek in on the women's fiction if the mood hits but it is at the point where I need to step away to appreciate it again.

Anyway, that is my quick update. I will hopefully be back next week.

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  1. Good luck on the writing and the unpacking. Personally I love unpacking. I love taking chaos and making it order. Packing however is the worst.