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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Um, Yeah

I didn't do too well with my goal of posting here once a week. Maybe I should aim for twice a month instead. Or just not make a goal and post when I have time.

Since I last posted life has been crazy. I have never been this unmotivated to pack and get my house in order after a move. Usually by now everything is out of boxes and put away and pictures and curtains are properly hung. This time I have only unpacked the basics and I am surrounded by chaos and crap (future band name: Chaos and Crap?). I am going to get it done this week though. I said it in public now I must get it done.

To add to the craziness I decided to start homeschooling my 13-year-old son. My daughter is still in public school so I have two schedules to work out. My son has Aspergers and has been bullied his whole school life. It was already starting here and he just couldn't cope anymore so we decided to pull him out and try this for a while. So far it is going really well. He has much less anxiety. However, it means I have much less free time. I have not written in over a week and I need to polish my first chapter for the LDS Storymakers first chapter contest. I only have ten days to get it ready for submission.

Overall, I just need to organize my life and my brain and all will be good. If any of you have some extra energy or motivation, please send it this way.

Once again, I hope I am back here next week with a post that doesn't involve complaining. :)


  1. Good for you to try homeschooling. While it allows less time for you I am willing to bet it will offer more moments of which to write. Good luck, sending some energy your way. Maxine@thebookboutique.com

  2. Yikes, that's crazy busy. Hope everything falls into place.